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Our integrative approach to success in training, education, builds a community of professionals; in agriculture, holistic rehabilitative medicines. SHASHEMENE LAND INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURE, HOLISTIC REHABILITATIVE MEDICINES is a medical cannabis company that has

been through research development for over 2 years focusing on the true medical benefits of Urban Agriculture Cannabis. With combined experience of 39 years in the industry, knowledge and extensive research, Shashemene Land Institute has had the opportunity to supply over 40 dispensaries from Northern California to Southern California.

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Shashemene Holistic Institute


Taddese came to America from Ethiopia, Africa’s oldest independent country, in 2001, and has been in the restaurant business for over 15 years, serving healthful vegetarian and vegan dishes to the broader Sacramento, California community. Along the way, she has created jobs, produced culturally-rich showcases for African American music and art, and continues to manage the wildly popular operations of the diverse Queen Sheba Restaurant.


An Immigrant Success Story


Taddese earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Information Systems in 1997 while simultaneously raising a family and running a successful business. Now, her next achievement will earn her a Master’s Degree in Agriculture. She brings to Sheba Farms a practical background in finance and marketing, tops it all off with the wisdom gained from serial entrepreneurship, which leaves the taste of success in all whom she meets.


Taddese has assembled a team of farmers with landholdings suitable for the crops she envisions producing, as well as agronomists, educators, government agencies, legal, and business consultants. 


She formed Sheba Farms LLC to acquire interests in land for growing organic crops for the United States market that are wholesome, nutritious, gluten-free, and high in protein. Sheba Farms will additionally serve to train farmers in America to grow the highest quality/highest yield crops for local sales, import and export purposes, and for research on crop production and yield improvements. Teff, an ancient super-grain that originated in Ethiopia, will be the primary grain produced. It will be harvested and packaged for sale to premium markets as gluten-free flour, pastas, and other products.


It's All About The Extras


Taddese will ensure the success of Sheba Farms by producing premium quality organic vegetables, fruits and grains; promoting healthy eating habits; educating communities about nutrition and health outcomes; offering delivery services to homes; and involving schools in hands-on learning opportunities.


Sheba Farms will be promoted with produce distributors, restaurants, farmer’s markets, supermarkets, home delivery services, caterers, and other types of businesses. 


Under Taddese’s direction, the Sheba Farms team is already working closely with agricultural agencies, nonprofit organizations and private investors to get the necessary funding, training, housing, equipment, and other conditions realized to fulfill the vision and achieve the goals that will make Sheba Farms a success.