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Shashemene Institute of Alternative & Natural Holistic Medicine 

Specializing in the education, training and agriculture of holistic, rehabilitative medicines. 

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We are Shashemene

We provide high quality, holistic natural alternative medicine, as well as cannabis education and products to qualified customers. 

Our mission is to build our brand on the core values of customer experience and care, hospitality, highest standards of quality, honesty, integrity and community outreach through early prevention and intervention.

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Our Objectives 
  • To grow one of the best organic medicinal grade cannabis strains.

  • To produce premium high-grade cannabis products and build a recognizable brand in a rapidly growing industry.

  • To be fully compliant with all state and local municipalities and be primed and ready for national expansion as federal laws adjust and evolve to the benefit of the cannabis industry.

  • To have the Shashemene Land Institute brand become a trusted household name nationally for high quality cannabis products and stores.

  • To align ourselves with investors and partners who share our values.

  • To train and educate our underserved communities to gain better jobs and business opportunities

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Non- profit Organization : Sheeba Farms Foundation 501(C)3

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"Together with the faith of a Teff seed we can move the mountain."

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