About Shashemene

"Build the community from the ground up."

Our Company

Our integrative approach to success in training & education, builds a community of professionals; in agriculture & holistic rehabilitative medicines. Shashemene Institute of Natural Alternative Holistic Medicine (Shashemene Institute)  a medical cannabis company that has been conducting local research & development for over 2 years focusing on the true medical benefits of Urban Agriculture & Cannabis. 

We work directly with patients and doctors providing custom formulations to aid in a variety of medical conditions including; various forms of cancer, tumors, PTSD, seizures, skin conditions, migraines, eating disorders, crones disease and more.  Shashemen Institute is an innovative champion for education and workforce development in the California cannabis industry. 

We will have the ability to vegetate up to 65,000lbs. of plants and flowers concurrently annually. Our knowledgeable staff will navigate and educate our students and customers through our vast catalogue of available courses and unique product variety showcasing locally sourced products along with our namesake signature product line of the highest quality cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles and more. 

Shashemene Institute is also dedicated to creating cannabis extractions, concentrates and topical products to service the exploding concentrates industry. 

Shashemene Institute is a brand that will provide an unparalleled patient shopping experience. Beginning with our flagship campus located in Sacramento, California. All will enjoy our beautiful environment that inspires natural healing, higher education, multicultural creativity and homegrown comfort. 

Our Founder
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Meet Founder, Zion Taddese. Zion came to America from Ethiopia, Africa’s oldest independent country, in 2001, and has been in the restaurant business for over 15 years, serving healthful vegetarian and vegan dishes to the broader Sacramento, California community. Along the way, she has created jobs, produced culturally-rich showcases for African American music and art, and continues to manage the wildly popular operations of the diverse Queen Sheba Restaurant. Zion takes a strong genuine interest in helping and building her community. 


The experience Zion gained from her very own cannabis project has given her the knowledge, skills and confidence to expand her personal project into one that will educate and employ the people of her community. 


Shashemene will own and operate cannabis cultivation and extraction/manufacturing facilities in Sacramento, California. Utilize cutting edge and proprietary growing and extraction processes. 

BHO extraction technique is the most cost-efficient extraction method available. With an average extraction cycle of less than one hour, BHO is the fastest commercial extraction method. That is 9 times faster than the average 9 – 10 hours comparable CO2 supercritical extraction cycle. The cost of BHO extraction equipment is also much lower than CO2 equipment.

We intend to use High Production Extraction system, which efficiently extract botanical oils without thermal degradation at industry-leading processing rates. System utilize alcohol which acts as a solvent and strips the THC, CBD, Terpenes, Chlorophyll, and wax compounds from plant material then carrying them in solution form within the alcohol. We also intendto use a High Production Extraction system, which is equipped for both ethanol and hydrocarbon based solvents, to get a primary cannabis extract. We will then use a High Production WFE system which offers high-capacity, high-production operations with fast, efficient molecule of botanical oils without thermal degradation.


Shashemene is a town in southern Ethiopia, located in the Oromia Region.The town of Shashemene is known for its Rastafarian community.

During the 1920s, Jamaican political leader Marcus Garvey led a Back to Africa movement. This movement encouraged the descendants of slaves who had been taken to the Americas from Africa back to their routes. Garvey also claimed that one day a black man would become king in Africa.

Garvey was proved right in 1930 when Haile Selassie I became emperor of Ethiopia. The movement took Selassie’s pre-coronation name of Ras Tafari. Rastafarians encouraged followers to go to Ethiopia, returning to the country of their ancestors.

Fun Fact: Bob Marley was Baptized in the town of Shashemene.

Our Vision

The Cannabis industry is a billion dollar industry with lots of opportunity. Shashemene Institute is specifically targeting underserved and underrepresented in our community to help those individuals to acquire real estate and the ability to cultivate their own land that can be passed down from generation to generation. Statistically, our community takes up about 2% of the Cannabis industry. We will change that. Our vision is to increase this number yearly. In 5 years our community will hold 10% of the industry. 

"This is how we get Economic Justice by teaching our community how to build and generate their own wealth."

Products and Services


Education & Job Training - Our integrative approach to success in training & education, builds a community of professionals; in agriculture, business, technology & holistic rehabilitative medicines.

Flowers - Company will have the ability to vegetate up to 65,000 lbs of plants and flowers concurrently, will grow up to 15 different strains of cannabis.

Concentrates - Company will produce and sell cannabis concentrates, edibles and topicals as own product line.

Vendors - Strategic Partnership with vendors to distribute their cannabis products, including devices and accessories.

Production Sales Forecast


The physical address of our cultivation and manufacturing facilities will be Sacramento, California. The campus is located at 0 Florin Road. The ,000+-sq. ft building has adequate power to service all operations. The cultivation operation will take up 22,000 sq. ft and will be optimum to house and grow up to 65,000lbs. of plants. The manufacturing premises will take up 9,000 sq. ft and will include extraction and refining equipment, vacuum ovens and packaging machines. This facility will offer a significant advantage in the development and manufacture of our flowers, compounds and edibles.

The facility will include:

  • Vegetative Rooms

  • Flowering Rooms

  • Drying & Trim Rooms

  • Curing Rooms

  • Extraction Rooms

  • Compounding Rooms

  • Cannabis Infused Production room

  • Packaging Rooms


Financial Summary


From a total investment of $23,000,000 million, Shashemene Institute is expected to generate nearly $48,000,000 million in gross revenues with pre-tax income of nearly $5,000,000 million in Year 1, its first full year of operations. Revenues are expected to grow to nearly $130,000,000.00.   

Dispensary Sales Forecast


Cash will be retained in the business to cover cash operating needs as well as future expansion to meet the demands.

After the first year of operations, it is expected that Shashemene Institute will be able to trim expenses through realizing business efficiencies, gaining operational experience and industry knowledge.